Introducing EPIC – a RESULTS Agency

We are your partner – from ideation to launch.


“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.”

– Henry Ford

Who We

With too many disciplines under our roof to neatly fit into one box or another, we gave up on the customary classifications of PR firm, marketing agency, design shop, book marketers, film publicist, music publicist, social media agency, etc.

Simply put, we identify goals, solve challenges and produce results across a wide range of industries.

We deliver four primary things to you, our client and partner: connection, creation, innovation and growth.


“It is better to have 1000 customers love you, than millions kind of like you.”

— Brian Chesky, Founder @ Airbnb


EPIC Results

Campaigns generating box office hits, #1 albums, sold out events and too many New York Times best-selling books to count.

Major publicity placements yielding ad equivalency in the millions of dollars.

Industry-leading donor marketing results.

Triple-digit platform growth on behalf of our clients.

Product ideation, integrated marketing and promotional campaigns to unify the customer journey and increase sales and awareness.

Let’s Work Together


We’re always looking for new opportunities. Please get in touch and one of our partners will contact you about beginning the proposal process.